Axio Named a Gartner 2020 Cool Vendor in Integrated Risk Management

Leadership Guide: 100 Days to Build a Strong Cybersecurity Foundation

Download the guide and make a positive impact in only 100 days:

CISOs and cybersecurity leaders have a thankless job. But you can change that at your organization in 100 days by laying the groundwork from which you can build, implement, and operate a successful cybersecurity program. Whether you are in a new role, or a seasoned leader who is taking on new challenges, changing industries, or just looking to refresh your approach as your organization evolves, this guide provides the tools needed to build a path to success.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • The leadership indoctrination process, broken into 30-day sprints
  • How to build relationships, skills, knowledge, and artifacts that will be needed beyond the first 100 days
  • Innovative approaches that expand beyond traditional cybersecurity program “to-do lists” to jump-start accomplishments and ensure success

Download the guide to learn more

100 Days to Build a Strong Cybersecurity Foundation

Quantified Risk Visibility in Minutes

Axio does the hard work for you and delivers actionable insights into your organization's cyber risks in a language that business leaders understand.

Axio360 Highlights:

Get outside-in security index scores based on a scan of your digital ecosystem

Index all corporate records, PII, and credentials exposed on the dark web

Understand the likelihood of a breach occurring in the calendar year

Stress test your insurance policies to understand gaps in your coverage

Understand your exposure and costs based on industry analysis and peer benchmarking

Axio Named a Gartner 2020 Cool Vendor in Integrated Risk Management

"Axio360 solution helps organizations understand where their cyber risk program is today and where it needs to be to minimize risk."

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