Axio Named a Gartner 2020 Cool Vendor in Integrated Risk Management

Transform Cyber Risk Management With Cyber Risk Quantification

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In this report, Forrester discusses why CISOs increasingly turn to Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) technologies to better manage cyber risk within their organization. The authors offer key insights into why Boards of Directors are experiencing “cyber fatigue” and how CISOs should communicate organizational cyber risk without relying on “rudimentary heat maps.”  

Additionally, the authors provide an overview of the emerging CRQ market, end-user experiences, and implementation level guidance on how security and risk leaders should start CRQ projects.

The authors also provide guidance on:

  • Why Cyber Risk Quantification is the “Rosetta Stone” for security and business teams 
  • The common reasons why leaders struggle to implement Cyber Risk Quantification 
  • How CISOs and Forrester clients evaluate CRQ methodologies like FAIR 
  • Why CRQ is used to “calibrate cyber insurance coverage and pricing"

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Quantified Risk Visibility in Minutes

Axio does the hard work for you and delivers actionable insights into your organization's cyber risks in a language that business leaders understand.

Axio360 Highlights:

Get outside-in security index scores based on a scan of your digital ecosystem

Index all corporate records, PII, and credentials exposed on the dark web

Understand the likelihood of a breach occurring in the calendar year

Stress test your insurance policies to understand gaps in your coverage

Understand your exposure and costs based on industry analysis and peer benchmarking

Axio Named a Gartner 2020 Cool Vendor in Integrated Risk Management

"Axio360 solution helps organizations understand where their cyber risk program is today and where it needs to be to minimize risk."

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